Telephone Skills Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to give delegates more confidence when selling by telephone, whether dealing with inbound calls, outbound calls, or a combination of both.

Director Development Programme

Director Development Modules and Coaching Modules. We have identified exactly why most directors struggle and we have introduced this workshop to share our inside knowledge.

Small Business Retreat

We have identified exactly why most businesses fail and we have recruited the EXPERTS in these areas to share their insider knowledge. They have promised to deliver massive VALUE so you can walk away with tangible results.

Tricky Customer Workshop

Our Methods are all about teaching you how to deal with tricky customers through effective techniques and enjoying yourself in the Process!! We will teach you how to give constructive feedback and share ideas.

Time Management Workshop

This workshop is about time management. The purpose of this workshop is to give you the skills and techniques you need to master to manage your time more effectively. Please remember that this is one of our more popular courses when you are booking.

Competitor Analysis Programme

Competitor analysis is an essential component of business strategy – no matter what your size of business. It aims to systematically study information about competitors products, research and development activities, and organisational structure

Roadmap to Success Workshop

In order to create a successful business you MUST have a roadmap. Sign up now for our “Bitesize Roadmap to success Workshop”. This interactive workshop will give you the tools you need to design a roadmap that guides you in creating a sustainable business.

Using Audio In Your Marketing

Audio’s power comes from its ability to engage with many of your senses. The more senses you engage, the easier it will be to effectively communicate. Our Programme facilitate all learning styles in delivery.

Presentation Skills Programme

For a lot of Business People presentations can often provide a poor return. Talking too much and presenting too soon has grim consequences. Lost momentum, lost sales, extended selling cycles, margin erosion and no clear path to improvement.