We have been refining the art of training design and delivery.

 We are one of the UK’s leading coaching providers with an extensive collection of sessions. We know what works… and what does not! With only limited time available to complete training and development. 
 Our approach has never been more relevant. We still provide offline programmes but understand for busy young entrepreneurs bitesize training is in demand.
You can now tap into our unrivalled expertise and we can design bespoke training for you. We have developed customised bite-sized training sessions for our clients ranging between 30 minutes to 3½ hours to days to months on end. We offer plenty of options. Sessions can be designed from scratch or incorporate current training materials. Your bespoke training can be run in-house by your own people or we will run them for you.

Training Toolkit

Our training toolkit provides the complete flexibility to build your own training days. But sometimes, you may need something different, tailored to your unique situation. This is where our methods comes in. We work closely with you to fully understand the results you are looking for, and expertly design a bespoke solution to meet these needs. This may include: Your own bespoke ‘ bite-sized’ sessions, bespoke one or two day courses, or a combinations of these. In doing this, we blend together the pertinent elements you need help with. We can also devise additional content or slot in some of your own. Whatever we come up with, our creative design skills and know-how guarantees that your bespoke training solution will be both focused and relevant.
We can provide training on any of the following that can be tweaked for you and can help to get you back into the workforce
✓ Influencing and Persuading – Course.
✓ Managing Change – Course.
✓ Managing Conflict – Course.
✓ Negotiation Skills – Course.
✓ Professional Presentation Skills – Course.
✓ Time and Stress Management – Module.
✓ Telephone Selling Skills – Module.
✓ Professional Selling Skills – Course.
✓ Handling Objections – Module.
✓ Developing Sales Proposals – Module.
✓ Cold Calling – Module.
✓ Face to Face Sales Excellence – Module.
✓ Developing and Leading a Sales Team – Module.
✓ Leadership and Motivation – Course